If you are a teacher or specialist and enjoy working with children,

JAM Teaching and Consulting is the place for you!

Benefits of working with JAM Teaching and Consulting

• Self-determined/flexible hours
• Exceptional pay
• Unique focus on fostering a connection with students and families
• Opportunities for professional growth
• Collaborative team
• Paired with families that are great fits for YOU!

How it works

  1. Meet with a JAM Team member to share about yourself, your experiences, and your training.
  2. Complete the intake form, sharing your experiences, teaching style, and references.
  3. Onboard with JAM Teaching and Consulting and be considered to tutor with one of our many amazing families.
  4. If there is a potential family pairing, the JAM team will reach out to you and share details about what the family is looking for and see if you are interested.  
  5. JAM Teaching and Consulting takes care of the contract for the family and facilitates the hourly rate between you and the family.
  6. You can enjoy working with as few or as many families as you like! JAM completes the invoicing and billing process for you.
  7. As a JAM Teaching and Consulting contract tutor, you have the opportunity to attend one of our many JAM Development (professional development) opportunities and connect to a fantastic team of professionals!

Read about some of our current tutors' experience with JAM Teaching and Consulting!

“Working for JAM teaching and Consulting has been an absolute joy! Julia truly takes the time to get to know each of her tutors as well as the families she is working with to ensure a good fit between the tutor and the family. She checks in with her tutors consistently to offer support and to make sure they are feeling successful with their tutoring clients.

Each family I have worked with through JAM has been incredibly respectful, trusting and supportive. I always look forward to working with each of my tutoring clients. On top of that, she offers professional development opportunities through JAM Teaching and Consulting. I have already grown so much as an educator through the opportunities I have had with JAM Teaching and Consulting.” 

Ms. Megan 

“Being able to work for JAM has been a fabulous experience. The opportunity for collaboration with fellow tutors, along with professional development and training sessions, has led to significant progress in my personal development as a professional. Tutoring with JAM has allowed me to work with a variety of students and their families, offering me the opportunity to use my creativity and personal approach to every student I work with. Julia continues to be an extremely supportive, energetic, and creative team leader, guiding me when I need it, but also allowing me to explore my personal talents and ideas. Julia does a great job pairing her tutors with families and students that fit their strengths, leading to strong relationships between families and JAM. I look forward to seeing what Julia has in store for the future! “

Mr. Brendan 

Think you are a good fit for our team? Click here to set up a meeting with a team member to learn more!